Manchin Says NO To Biden When Asked To Do This In The Senate

Thank God for Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for standing up for what they and their constituents believe in and voting against President Joe Biden’s ridiculous spending of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money.  

Democrats believe that they must spend money on behalf of the American people, and we’re just going to be okay with it. Their job is actually to be responsible on behalf of the American people’s wishes.  

Individually, the argument can be made that all things in the spending packages are popular, but not everything or even the majority. The United States doesn’t need to spend more money raising the debt ceiling, and inflation is running rampant. We’re coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Americans have to have the ability to get on their feet again, and life needs to return to normal before any spending can wait until after that happens.  

Biden is trying to get the Senate to end the filibuster rule so that his spending bills can get voted on, but is that what Biden really feels, or is he just using this opportunity to play a political game?  

Back in July, Biden said that ending the filibuster would “throw the entire Congress into chaos,” but now it’s okay because it benefits him?  

Biden is on borrowed time with his political position and power. Not only are states beginning to audit the 2020 election further, but his cognitive decline isn’t something anyone can ignore.  

“I think that’s a real possibility,” Biden said when asked about using a carve-out of the filibuster to raise the debt limit.  

Is this guy serious? Each month we get a new Biden who plays political games to push his political stance forward. But, the Democrats need support from every Democrat to pass any of these bills.  

Manchin is one of the Democrats who says what he means. Manchin told reporters, “I’ve been very, very clear where I stand, where I stand on the filibuster. I don’t have to repeat that, and I think I’ve been obvious. Nothing changes. But the bottom line is that we have the responsibility to be adults. Our leadership should lead. And that is what I am requesting and pleading with them to do. We should not have this fabricated mess, and we will not default on our debt. We are still essentially the world’s currency, and we will remain such.”

Manchin has refused to back down, and so has Sinema. They’ve both been harassed in their ways. Sinema was followed into a bathroom while someone filmed her asking her questions, and Manchin was approached via jet ski at his home. All events that Biden has chalked up as “part of the process.” The process of voting doesn’t require that, but Biden knows part of the intimidation does.