Man Arrested For Having A Gun At #Justiceforjan6 Rally Was A Federal Law Enforcement Agent

To start, I want to tell you a riddle. A federal agent and a federal agent attend a protest. Both in different capacities but both armed with badges. How many charges are going to be filed? If you answered 0, you were correct and can call the Federal Bureau of Investigations to claim your prize.

On a more realistic note, a federal agent was “detained,” and by detained, I mean no charges were filed. In this case, it’s almost guaranteed that the agent was undercover and wasn’t dedicated enough to go along with the arrest and backed out of his duties at the last minute. The agent should have allowed his arrest peacefully and told officers he’s a federal agent after the fact. But his undercover capacity wasn’t precisely covert, to begin with, for a crowd to recognize that you possess a firearm and alert police you’re not doing your job correctly. You have to hide the gun in a better place, bro. If this were a different protest, he could have been harmed or killed. The feds have to do a better job training their officers if they’re throwing them into protests like this. Though this protest wasn’t large and violent, others are, and you will be hurt if you’re found to be a law enforcement officer.

A disguise would have been good as well. Wearing a mask to a protest like the Justice for January 6th protest isn’t exactly playing the part. To begin with, the protest wasn’t large, to begin with, and to put it plainly, he should have just left or stayed on the sideline.

If he wasn’t on duty, he was breaking the law. It’s illegal to carry a concealed weapon even with a permit in Washington, D.C., at a protest.

It begs the question. Was there anyone at the protest that wasn’t a federal agent? The guy with the “Daniel Boone” hat can’t be, can he?

Deep undercover, right? It was the leather vest that gave it away.

The protest lasted for several hours, and a total of 6 arrests were made. All jokes aside, it’s terrific that the protest didn’t turn into a violent show of force by attendees. Law Enforcement did what they should have done and showed up in force with many officers. With the remembrance of the January 6th Capitol Riot, it’s not a surprise that there were so many law enforcement officers decked out in riot gear.

Many other suspected federal agents were spotted in what can only be described as “basic bro” gear. Their American Eagle game is on point, and hair gel was not lacking in these guys.

Somebody needs to tell these guys that Abercrombie and Snitch wasn’t a tactical clothing company. Does L.A. Looks still make hair gel, and if so, can we get these guys some sponsorships?