Majority Of Democrats Now ‘Concerned’ About Biden’s Mental Health

Concerns voters have over Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive and physical decline have ramped up since summer, according to a recent I&I/TIPP poll. The worries Americans have about Biden cut across party lines as well, as even a majority of Democrat voters are concerned.

The poll asked the same question in early August and again at the beginning of October. The question pointed out the concerns some Americans have expressed about Biden’s mental health and asked: “How concerned are you about President Biden’s mental health?”

The August responses had 59% of all voters saying they were indeed worried about the president’s mental condition. Among Republicans, 82% said they were worried, compared to 56% of independents and only 39% of Democrats.

When the poll was taken again this month, the total of worried American voters overall rose to 64%. Almost all of the increase in the total since August came from Democratic voters, as the number expressing concern about Biden’s mental health jumped from 39% to a majority at 52%. Among Republicans, 86% were either “very” or “somewhat” concerned, while 59% of independents had similar concerns.

When broken down by demographic groups in the October results, only self-described “liberals” came in at less than a majority with concerns, at 45%. The only other groups that came in at less than 60% were Blacks (52%), single women (58%), and self-identifying “moderates” (58%).

Many more Americans are now questioning whether the president’s mental condition is a danger to national security, as economic recession sets in, inflation rages, markets collapse, and geopolitical threats ramp up to what Biden himself described as a threat of “Armageddon.”

Many now are openly calling for Biden, who turns 80 in November, to be tested by medical experts and to have the results made public.

Since the August poll, Biden has been seen more often wandering around stages at events as if he is lost and struggling to find his words when speaking with a teleprompter. He embarrassingly called out at a function earlier this month for recently deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) by looking around the room and saying, “Where’s Jackie?”

President Donald Trump volunteered to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in 2018 and released the results to the public. As Trump described the results, he “aced it.” At the time, national Democrats had been clamoring for the presidential cabinet to take actions against Trump under the 25th Amendment because of claims about his mental condition.

Now even Democrats appear ready to ask similar questions about “Sleepy Joe.”