‘MAGA Republicans’ Sound Off, Roast Biden After Divisive Speech

The “MAGA Republicans” that President Joe Biden worked so hard to demonize during his primetime address took to Twitter to blast him for his comments.

Biden is failing at his job, and he needs an enemy to distract Americans with — first, it was “ultra-MAGA,” and now it’s “MAGA Republicans” and “MAGA forces.” Regardless of the phrase being used, the president is simply referring to politicians and voters who oppose the left-wing agenda, who he says are “a threat to the very soul of this country.”

During a primetime speech Thursday night from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden demonized his opposition — saying that, because of “MAGA Republicans,” the United States is now facing an “assault” on “democracy.” The ominous and divisive speech was complete with two Marines in uniform standing behind him — who should not have been present for a political speech — and a blood-red backdrop reminiscent of scenes from a myriad of dystopian movies, including “V for Vendetta.”

“MAGA Republicans have made their choice,” the president said, according to a White House transcript. “They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

“But together — together, we can choose a different path,” Biden added. “We can choose a better path. Forward, to the future.”

Throughout the speech, Biden ranted and shouted about “MAGA Republicans,” attempting to separate them from the Republican Party as a whole — demonizing the Trump supporters within the party and trying to portray the establishment RINOs as the ‘true Republicans.’

In the end, critics asked the question — who sounds like the actual threat to the country: “MAGA Republicans” who are against the establishment and have only one documented case of supposed violence, or the radical left party that supported the BLM riots and is led by a president practically foaming at the mouth while demonizing his opposition?

Trump supporters took to Twitter to blast Biden for his speech, and stand up for themselves and their values.

“I am a MAGA American and I’m not apologizing for it,” said Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events. His tweet was shared 4,735 times as of Friday evening.

“I’m a Black MAGA Republican. Joe Biden knows NOTHING about me!” tweeted Lavern Spicer, former Florida congressional candidate.

“Standing in front of a hellish red background, Biden called half the country, the MAGA Republicans ‘threats’ & ‘clear and present dangers,’” wrote former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “Then he says, ’empathy is the fuel of democracy-the willingness to see each other not as enemies but as fellow Americans…’!!!”

Conservative commentator Greg Price listed the elements of the “MAGA Republican” agenda that Biden was railing against:

RNC Research tweeted out a list of all of the problems plaguing Americans that the president failed to mention during his divisive speech: