LLWS ‘Racist’ Incident Proven To Be Much Ado About Nothing

The Little League World Series is one of the last pure sporting events left for fans and players to enjoy. But an “incident” that many breathlessly tried to play off as “racist” has turned out to be nothing but kids being kids.

It happened as teams were watching the Little League Classic between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox.

Players on the Davenport Southeast Little League (Iowa) team were horsing around as kids do, when they decided to imitate a player with dyed white hair. This led to taking the white filling from a stuffed animal and putting it on each other’s heads.

It was done by White and Black teammates to each other. The media, of course, found a way to be offended. The story became that White players were “hazing” a Black player by putting “cotton” on his head.

Despite multiple images being readily available showing the entire scene, several outlets ran with a much different story. Many commentators mused on how White children are socialized by their parents and the community to objectify Black peers.

An investigation of course ensued, and Little League World Series officials learned what anyone who would have taken any time to look into the matter would find. It was kids being kids.

A spokesman for the organization said that while the visual “could be perceived as racially insensitive,” the child’s mother and coaches were spoken to and clarified the scene.

A player for the Hawaii team had a white mohawk, and the kids thought it was a “very cool hairstyle” and that he was a star player. The boys took stuffing out of a toy animal and began putting it on each other’s heads to emulate the mohawk.

The ESPN cameras, however, did not show the full scene of several boys getting the stuffing on their heads or the recipient in the video smiling and enjoying his new hairdo.

Instead, there was a rush to judgment and claims of racism.

Unfortunately, race-baiters appear to be a part of the landscape that is not going away. When even the tomfoolery of kids at the Little League World Series is fair game, nothing is safe from adults foisting their own attitudes onto everything around them.