Liz Cheney Is A ‘Disaster’ Who Relied On Her Family Name And Is Now On Her Way Out

Urban communities and states are slowly excising the cancer of Democrats. But the real push comes in November. Republicans are preparing to take Congress. Poll shows a Red Wave coming later this year, sweeping out many Democrats who have sided with the tyrannical Biden-Harris maladministration. The GOP will cut off Republican Representative Liz Cheney (WY), who has stabbed Donald Trump in the back multiple times and sided with corrupt Democrats tied to Hillary Clinton, who hacked and planted evidence.

Republican Representative and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy abandoned Cheney and backed her primary challenger. McCarthy is dreaming of becoming the Speaker of the House. MAGA and many Republicans have scorned Cheney for a long time. Republicans cannot wait until November and their chance to retake the electoral map.

The GOP and Trump are now campaigning together for Harriet Hageman. In the past, the GOP has traditionally safeguarded its incumbents. Liz Chaney is part of the January 6 inquisition. Hageman is campaigning to uproot the deep state and implement the MAGA agenda. Cheney’s adversary will probably win.

McCarthy and Cheney were fast friends for years. House Republicans endeavored to toss her after she voted to indict President Trump.

Cheney’s vote to indict Trump goes against most Republicans who still embrace Trump. Many support Trump’s willingness to take on the establishment, regardless of their expectation for the 2024 presidential nomination.

House Minority Leader McCarthy told Capitol Hill correspondents that he protected Cheney, but he would not do that again. Liz has the privilege to vote according to her conscience, even though Republicans were insulted. McCarthy allowed her to keep her role. However, it became more apparent that she was a dreadful, undesirable person to work with. Republicans within the caucus took upon themselves, dislodging her from the position because of her aggressive approach to lawmaking.

Cheney slandered Kevin McCarthy, who tacitly supported the Democrat media narrative about the FBI motivation entrapment effort on January 6. President Trump is baldly accused of inciting an assault on the Capitol as if that would install him as dictator for life. Cheney continued her self-righteousness, preening as the latest GOP backstabbing media hog.

When the sock puppet anti-President Joe Biden plunged, Republicans saw an opportunity to take seats in November. They must rebuke Cheney for her conspicuous affront to her party and partnership with Nancy Pelosi. Then she has the gall to pontificate about her alleged respectability. She went on spitting on the Constitution while claiming devotion to the Constitution. What kind of insane woman believes that installing Biden into the White House is in keeping with any Constitutional authority or process.

Finally, McCarthy got the message and is supporting Hageman. Cheney thinks that Meghan McCain can protect her. McCain thinks it was disgraceful for McCarthy to kick Cheney to the curb. Cheney has refused to uphold the integrity of the 2020 election and instead cover for the Democratic takeover of the federal government, which by definition is a coup. Cut her loose and never look back. Maybe the GOP will learn its lesson.