Liberals Triggered As Conservatives Praise Italy’s New Prime Minister

In a historic moment, Italy received its first female prime minister, who also happens to be a conservative. So naturally, this sent liberals fuming and right-winged people such as Tucker Carlson on a celebratory streak.

As in most cases, leftists lashed out and falsely claimed Meloni was a fascist for simply disagreeing with liberal agendas.

One point of controversy is that the new prime minister dares to believe in having national borders and not allowing illegal immigration. She also has said that she values life and Christianity, and is pro-nationalism.

Tucker Carlson made his thoughts known in the typical monologue he gives on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

He started by bringing up Italy’s former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and his close ties to the World Economic Forum. Gentiloni has said he wants to push more social justice into Italy. Under his reign, the country faced mass illegal immigration, skyrocketing crime rates and a lagging economy. However, his plans were crushed when Meloni got into office.

Carlson pointed out the similarities between the United States and Europe.

“Despite the castles and the funny accents and the smelly cheese, Europe is not actually that different from the United States, at least in this way. European leaders run their countries pretty much the same way our leaders run our country. They yammer on endlessly about democracy, but then at the same time, they do their best to avoid democracy’s most basic requirements like free speech and representative government,” he said.

Carlson also talked about the uproar seen by those on the left after Italy decided to go on a more conservative path.

“This summer, a conservative populist called Giorgia Meloni started showing up with strong support in the polls. Meloni was no radical. Her views would have seemed perfectly ordinary just a decade ago, but because she resolutely refused to bow to the twin gods of climate and mass migration, people panicked. The president of the European Commission, in fact on camera, commanded Italians not to vote for her, “Carlson continued.

With Italy embracing a more right-winged way of life, the U.S. is currently dealing with the consequences of woke leftist agendas.