Liberals Angry Over What American Women Are Buying In Droves

According to America’s 1st Freedom, America saw 5 million new gun owners in 2020 and, so far, 3 million new gun owners in 2021. According to the National Firearms Survey, 3.5 million women became new gun owners from January 2019 to April of 2021, and 4 million men became new gun owners between that same time.  

A Girl & A Gun did a survey for their members that outlined why women bought firearms, and the results are as expected.  

  • 14% because of riots/civil unrest 
  • 12% because of upcoming elections and fear of bans 
  • 12% because of family/friend  
  • 8% because they learned of training opportunities 
  • 8% because they wanted a new firearm in the household 
  • 8% because of the lack of law enforcement resources 
  • 7% because of the pandemic and possible lack of resources 
  • 7% because of fear of being targeted by violence 
  • 7% because of the rise in crime and rising unemployment 
  • 6% because of a recent safety/crime experience 
  • 4% because of boredom or to try something new 
  • 3% because of possible shortages 
  • 3% because of a stimulus check providing the opportunity 

What you’ll see is that 80% of women had a reason to get one rather than just having the opportunity or being bored.  

Women also have the most prominent reason to buy a firearm because of self-defense. They are more likely to be victims than men, both statistically and physically, since criminals believe women have less ability to fight themselves. Women aren’t only buying guns, but they’re also investing in training.  

According to A Girl & A Gun, 52% of training attendees didn’t have a firearm in their home growing up, 33% had firearms but didn’t shoot them, and 15% hadn’t shot a gun since they were children. AG & AG also cited an August 2020 study that showed that 58% of new shooters came from Texas, Florida, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania, and 48% were from other entries. Texas took up an immense majority at 27%, but interestingly enough, Nevada made up 7% instead of California, the strictest gun control state, which made up 6%. Californian women seem to be more and more interested in gun ownership as the state spirals downhill with no end in sight. A California attendee said she was a victim of a home invasion, had a gun pointed at her head, and promised herself that she would never be a victim again.  

Danger brings clarity in most situations. What you thought you had in place for protection goes out the window, and you realize what you need. A gun is an enormous realization of security. Unfortunately, leftists don’t seem to realize this. They make it the victim’s fault and responsibility if they shoot the criminal. It makes no sense.