Let’s Just Admit Why Biden Was Elected

Say what you want about President Joe Biden’s track record as President of the United States. The election wasn’t about him.  

Biden got elected because the mainstream media, social media, and politicians told people that former President Donald Trump was back for the country. They smeared him to the point that anybody would look better to Democrats and Independent voters, and even Republicans went along with it. That’s if you want to go with the 81 million votes and look at the election at face value. 

They ignored his racist comments, his misdirection on the Covid-19 vaccine, his inability to speak, his cognitive decline, and his inability to gain traction at his rallies. None of it mattered because there was one focal point.  

Trump didn’t cause the economy to go to ruins in 2020. He didn’t cause people to riot in the streets and burn down cities. Trump tried to help in cities that accepted federal assistance. States shut down their economies, and the federal government acted as it should have.  

The incoherent jargon that comes out of Biden’s mouth is worrisome and problematic for the citizens of the United States. We’re more vulnerable than ever to deal with foreign enemies, which should be concerning to everyone. Nobody at this point should be confident in Biden’s leadership because he doesn’t have leadership. Biden doesn’t give anyone the confidence to be present when you’re hearing from a world leader. He’s a weak pawn that doesn’t have a backbone. He threatens Americans from a podium and cowers in his vacation home in Wilmington, Delaware, when his cognitive decline is getting too much for him to handle. Then there’s Jill. 

Jill Biden is the single most dangerous person in this country. Jack Posobiec released information that White House officials say that Jill Biden is trying to get Vice President Kamala Harris out of office. Though she shouldn’t be there in the first place, she is. If Jill wants to unify this country and have any hope of confidence in Biden’s administration, she needs to start working with Harris to bring some hope to people that have lost it. The White House has forgotten about values, they’ve forgotten about the Constitution, they’ve forgotten about their citizens. They’re playing games with our money and blaming those who they disagree with for a pandemic that’s fabricated at this point. Yes, I said fabricated. You can’t have Florida, which is 100% open, and has a lower mortality rate than New York, which requires a vaccine passport. It doesn’t work that way.  

Either Americans need to reject these ideas or kiss their country goodbye. Thankfully there are some Democrats who are against the Biden administration and know-how harmful the massive spending and IRS intervention will be. There’s no doubt that there needs to be more resistance from Democrat politicians because their days are numbered. The 2022 midterm election is just around the corner, and they will see how much support they have when Americans are tasked with voting with their convictions.  

Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running against Republican Glenn Youngkin, is finding a hard lesson on pushing the American people. There’s roughly a 10-point polling gap of support for Youngkin. Democrats are losing and will continue to lose unless they stop stomping on American values. They have to wake up and realize that their ideas, policies, and legislation isn’t what Americans want and isn’t what Americans will keep.  

Biden undoubtedly has more let downs than achievements. He failed in Afghanistan, he’s failed at the southern border, and he’s failing at American compliance. If your ideas are good, then they don’t have to be mandated. The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are because Americans aren’t complying with Democrats’ wishes. They’re pushing back, and businesses are, too. No one likes to be told what to do, and no one wants their job taken away because a virus with a 98% survival rate cannot be vaccinated.

Democrats are losing, and they know it. The White House is panicking. They’re fighting with each other more than they’re doing good for the people, and Posobiec’s claim is proof enough that they can’t keep it together for the sake of the country.