Legacy Media Tries to Spin Biden’s Air Handshake and Fails

President Joe Biden provides a weekly, sometimes daily, dose of inexplicable behavior that erodes the country’s confidence with each instance. Just when you thought his poll numbers could not get any lower, it continues to slide deeper and deeper into the basement. The legacy media desperately tries to play ‘whataboutism’ with the numbers, trying to compare the numbers to Trump at the same point in his presidency.

The main problem with that argument is that Biden enjoys the polls slanting his way as much as humanly possible as the political apparatus tries to cover for him, and Trump got the reverse treatment. Also, Trump was swamped in fake scandals while Biden gets the kid-glove treatment. Every fact-checker is also on the current President’s side. At a speech last week President Biden clearly gave a speech, finished, and turned to shake hands with nobody. Here is the video.

Numerous fact-checkers tried to claim that he was gesturing to someone off stage, even though it is clearly in the universally accepted shake my hand configuration. If you were to somehow think that was not the case and tried to give Biden the benefit of the doubt, he has a record of accomplishment of getting confused with the air shake.

No matter how many “fact-checkers” try to spin Biden’s constant gaffes, or how many times the White House comms team tries to walk back his verbal changes in United States foreign policy, they cannot hide his obvious mental decline. You can work around the President having dementia in office when things are going well. It is a potential catastrophe when World War III looms on the horizon and the United States is in economic free fall.

The President must be managed at every turn. This weekend he started to go off script discussing Pakistan with members of the Easter Egg Hunt crowd and got ushered away by someone dressed in an Easter Bunny costume. This is not an SNL skit, unfortunately.

Our enemies are not laughing. They are plotting. Biden’s inability to mentally perform the duties of his office is fast becoming a national crisis. Even more concerning is who would take his place if we were to resign or be removed under the 25th Amendment. No fact-checker or legacy media hack will be able to spin that catastrophe or its unintended consequences.