Left-Wing Outlets Now Starting to Call Biden Out on Inflation

There have been a lot of false narratives put out there by the White House when it comes to inflation.

To date, the current administration has dismissed inflation as everything from “transitory” to “high-class problems,” and even “good for the economy.”

The White House argues that inflation is just the result of the war in Ukraine; yet, this war started well after Americans were already struggling with higher prices.

Joe Biden has some of the worst approval ratings across the board when it comes to inflation. Now, things have gotten so bad for him that even left-wing media outlets like Vox are holding him to account.

Vox on Biden and Inflation
Vox is far from a pro-conservative media outlet. In fact, it’s openly pro-leftist. Nevertheless, when it comes to inflation, Vox is now admitting that Biden’s American Rescue Plan made inflation worse.

That’s not all, though. Vox went on to mention that Biden and the Democrat Party hold a level of responsibility that is “significant” when it comes to current inflation.

Vox’s admission comes as a domino effect of various outlets that would normally be supporting Biden now openly admitting his failures. Before this, networks like CNN and MSNBC conceded the president’s poll numbers were not good, especially with the midterm elections coming soon.

The latest from Vox on Biden’s inflation crisis mirrors what many conservatives have been saying. Republicans warned months ago that the spending within the American Rescue Plan would bring great damage upon the economy.

Sadly, this is something that every American is living with to this day. Multiple economists have said that the current conditions of the economy could even cause a recession to kick in by the middle of 2023.

A Different Version of Events
Barring moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), the Democrat Party has not owned up to how its spending levels created today’s nightmare with inflation.

In fact, Democrats, and notably progressives, have gone on to claim that higher prices are just due to corporations being greedy. They haven’t owned the role that federal spending or money printing played in prices rising across the board.

Unfortunately, when prices rise, companies are forced to increase their own rates in order to remain in business. This is why Republicans and fiscal conservatives have been so against needless spending and making inflation worse.

In real-time, however, Democrats are pushing for more spending on Ukraine, COVID, and recycled versions of the Build Back Better Act.