“Leaked” Documents Showed How “Disastrous” The Afghan Withdrawal Would Be

On August 30, 2021, the United States was officially out of Afghanistan after a 20-year war. It would appear to the average and rational human being that President Joe Biden’s Administration was a disaster during the withdrawal, and they would be 100% correct.

Leaked notes show how unprepared Biden’s Administration was during the withdrawal and how quickly the evacuation plans were put together.

The Taliban took control of Kabul, the exit point for US troops, Afghan families, and US personnel to put a time stamp on Afghanistan. That means that there should have been clear, concise, and decisive action in place before that date to make sure everyone was out of Afghanistan safely.

A meeting at the White House Situation Room on August 14, 2021, immediately put communications and manifest teams to tell individuals to travel eligibility and get biographic information for the travelers to be manifested.

Seems a bit late. That was two weeks before the US left and the day before the Taliban took over the exit point. The moment the Taliban took over, it was clear that there wasn’t a significant probability that all who needed and wanted to leave were going to be able to. While US troops were still in Afghanistan, the Taliban blocked checkpoints and beat citizens who were trying to leave. Some of those individuals lost their lives. That’s the severity of the situation.

It was also at that point that “Deputies will consider whether additional family member categories should be included.”

That also should have been done well in advance. No priority had been set for the actions to be taken in Kabul before departing the country. Late considerations for Afghans to leave were at the detriment of allies to the US.

The notes stated, “Embassy Kabul will notify LES to begin to register their interest in relocation to the United States and prepare immediately for departure.”

Begin to register? Thanks, Biden. The entire plan was for a last-ditch effort of the federal government to unscrew themselves after realizing that the Taliban was taking over the country much faster than they may have anticipated. Though there were clear warning signs, Biden’s Administration waited until the last minute, which directly resulted in lives lost that should have never been lost.

During the August 14, 2021 meeting, Biden’s Administration made plans to reach out to NATO allies “to host Afghan allies at risk, such as journalists, women, human rights advocates and others who have either not been vetted or have received limited vetting.”

There was no plan, no action, and a large amount of incompetence and inaction led to 13 service members losing their lives. If anyone thinks that Ukraine will be any different, you’re wrong.