Lawmakers Demand Article 15-6 Investigation Of Gen. Milley

General Mark Milley, the clown of the military, didn’t get away quite yet. Lawmakers are demanding that an article 15-6 investigation be opened on Milley to gain more information about what transpired before the 2020 election and after. Milley’s contact with General Li Zoucheng with the Chinese military is unsettling to America and puts the American people at risk.

Milley doesn’t seem to care about enemies or allies, and it’s abundantly clear by his phone call to General Zoucheng when he felt that former President Donald Trump was going off the rails and essentially told them that he would contact them before any military attack against China. If you pair that with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s involvement with Milley to “protect” the nuclear codes, you get a broad picture of what Democrats thought of Trump.

Trump didn’t seem as if he wanted to attack China, and even if he did, it was likely for a good reason. Milley’s actions seem favorable to the Chinese government, which still has Yaeger Muslims in re-education camps. That should be an act of war, but Milley doesn’t seem to care about minor issues like imprisoning religious people.

Milley seems to have the Chinese government on speed dial, and they’re probably Facebook friends. Milley’s phone calls weren’t authorized, and it shows Milley’s absolute disrespect for his position.

President Joe Biden is proud of Milley and said he has “great confidence” in General Milley.

With this report taking months to come to light, what will Milley’s role in the withdrawal of Afghanistan be? Will we see another report in January of 2022 that says Milley aided the Taliban to take over Afghanistan and gave them forewarning of U.S. troop’s actions? Though it may not have happened, it’s an important question to ask. Biden shouldn’t have any confidence in Milley because a political party doesn’t have a place in treason. “A friend today, a snitch tomorrow” will be Milley’s career phrase when he retires, and his retirement party will probably be bare. Besides Biden and Milley’s political allies.

Milley says that his phone calls were routine and didn’t amount to anything, but he fails to realize that America shouldn’t and doesn’t give a heads up to military adversaries. Milley needs to get himself in order if he wants the U.S. military to follow him and stop brown-nosing Biden so that he can focus on things that matter, like training the military.