Law Enforcement Officers To Resign In Droves In US State Because Of Mandates

Law enforcement officers in the United States are continuing to leave at record numbers. Not only because they’re maltreated in courts and mainstream media but also because of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Just like the military, law enforcement officers tend to be healthier and have robust immune systems because they’re in public so often.  

Covid-19 vaccine mandates are going into effect in some places before others, but the individuals who aren’t going to get vaccinated feel disenfranchised and tossed away. Hospitals are an interesting case because the media said that hospital staff were heroes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, now that some hospital staff have decided not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, they’re demonizing them and firing them. The standards are being set further than they otherwise would be after President Joe Biden has pushed mandates. Yes, this is all his fault.  

When courts can rule on the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, it’s going to be interesting to find out what they think about it. Though the vaccines available in the US are still under emergency use authorization, it will be interesting to see where courts set the standard. Places like The Daily Wire, Turning Point USA, and many politicians were standing their ground and not mandating vaccination and said they would take Biden to court if he attempted to force them to pay fines associated with not following the new OSHA guidelines.  

Many law enforcement in Massachusetts are planning to leave and have already sent in letters of intention to resign when the policy becomes effective. The State Troopers in Massachusetts are looking for employment elsewhere if exemptions aren’t granted to allow for religion or medical exemption or weekly testing and wearing a mask.  

The biggest part of this is that they shouldn’t have to. The Covid-19 vaccines are available under emergency use authorization, and the choice should be left to the individual, not a collective body of bureaucrats.  

A representative of the State Troopers told Fox News that it doesn’t exactly have anything to do with the mandates, but fair labor practices that those who served on the front line during the pandemic can remain on the front line and not lose the years of experience that the troopers have dedicated to their job.  

Law enforcement isn’t a job that you can train someone for in a week, a month, or even a year. It’s a dedication to lifelong training and knowledge building that law enforcement officers develop over time. To be good at it, it takes practice.  

Bringing brand new officers to replace dozens of State Troopers would be devastating to the communities they serve and work for. New officers have zero experience not only of the job but the people they serve. Officers who understand the demographics and people who reside in the places they serve can do a better job and provide that area’s essential service.

The State Troopers have filed a lawsuit that was denied using “impact bargaining” to get more time to understand the effects of the mandate and executive order. It puts them in a tough spot because they haven’t been given a clear answer on religious or medical exceptions, and the long-term effects of the Covid-19 vaccine aren’t known. Again, the Covid-19 vaccines available are still under emergency use authorization.