Larry Hogan Confirms His Status as A RINO With His Attacks on DeSantis

In case you didn’t know who Larry Hogan is, and most people do not, he is the outgoing governor of Maryland. It is a well-known secret that he aspires to run for a higher office. Since he has publicly said that he is not running for Senate, that means he has set his sights on running for President in 2024. Hogan’s problem is not that he comes from Maryland, a state that no one cares about electorally, but that he has decided to go on CNN and punch up attacking Ron DeSantis.

Besides openly admitting he did not really read the legislation in question; Hogan focuses on the wrong people with his argument. DeSantis chided cruise lines for mandating Covid restrictions on adults who can make their own decisions. Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill protects children by prohibiting discussing age-inappropriate sex and gender issues for K through 3rd grade. The bill allows parents to make their own decisions about how and when to broach these topics with their children. Both approaches value choice in favor of the individual over centralized power (The government, cruise ship industry, and teachers’ unions respectively).

It is a mistake by Governor Hogan to argue against the parents’ rights bill as a huge majority of adults support protecting young children. Furthermore, DeSantis leads in polling for reelection in his State over any of the possible opponents who are running in the primary that will select the Democratic candidate on August 23, 2022. His stance on these issues has made him exceedingly popular.

There has been speculation that DeSantis might run for President in 2022 but Trump is clearly the front runner for the Republican nomination. Ron DeSantis is only 43 years old so it may make sense for him to cruise to reelection in Florida, sit out this Presidential cycle, and throw his hat in the ring once the elephant in the room (Trump) rides off into the sunset.

Unlike Hogan, DeSantis and Trump have all the political capital to make whatever decisions they want moving forward. It is possible that Hogan knows this and is simply trying to increase his national exposure but attacking the extremely popular DeSantis and arguing against parental rights will come back to haunt him no matter what he tries to do in the future.