Large Share Of New Yorkers Call Migrants A ‘Burden’

A large percentage of New York voters said that migrants represented a burden on their state, according to a new poll. The survey could signal significant issues for the state’s Democratic Party, which carried the governorship in a uncommonly narrow race last year.

According to the recent New York Times/Siena College poll, 46% of those asked stated that migrants who have come to the state over the last 20 years have been more of a burden than a benefit to the state. A total of 32% said the opposite. Another share of 19% stated that migrants represented both a benefit and a burden.

Perhaps the most surprising element of the poll was its internal data. Among Republicans, 67% agreed with the sentiment that the migrants have been mostly a burden. Furthermore, 51% of independents agreed with the same assertion. Among Democrats, a third agreed that migrants were mostly a burden, while only 44% disagreed.

Furthermore, agreement on the sentiment was shared by respondents from each part of the state. Suburban voters were most likely to describe the migrant situation negatively, with 50% agreeing that the migrant situation was burdensome.

Only 25% of suburban voters disagreed. Among rural voters, almost half agreed with the sentiment, while 28% disagreed.

In what may be the most surprising element of the poll, 44% of those asked from New York City agreed that the migrants have been more of a burden, while 39% believe that they have been more of a benefit.

The same poll found that 82% of voters said that the current migrant situation is “very” or “somewhat” serious, including a majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents.

When asked if migration should be restricted, 58% of New Yorkers agreed.

The results could boost the chances of a competitive race for governor last year. Former Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) held incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) within 7% last year, the closest result in 20 years.

The news also comes as New York City is currently grappling with approximately 100,000 migrants who have come to the Big Apple since last year. Political leaders have said that the city’s resources have been stretched to their limits by the influx.