Lara Trump BLASTS Kamala Harris And Michelle Obama For Their ‘Hypocritical’ Silence On Afghan Women

Where is Vice President Kamala Harris? Did she get lost since leaving Vietnam and Saigon? Is she still there? Did she quit? Who knows. One thing is sure, she is campaigning for California Governor Gavin Newsom, but when it comes to running the country, she is nowhere to be found.

Lara Trump called out Harris and former first lady Michelle Obama for their lack of action for Afghan women. The two have been pro women’s rights in the labor force, but they don’t seem to care about Afghan women being raped and killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban have been going house to house, killing U.S. allies and forcing women to cover themselves when outdoors wholly, and have raped many women in the process. Do their lives and stories matter?

It shows how much they care about social issues. They both seem only to watch when the cameras are rolling and when votes matter. Same with Black Lives Matter. The “political year” organization doesn’t seem to be present unless Democrat votes are on the table.

Honestly, with President Joe Biden’s mental decline, Harris’ voice would be somewhat refreshing. That’s not advocating for her to speak, just that if messages are coming from the White House, they need to be clear, concise, and accurate, which is everything Biden isn’t.

Lara Trump told Fox News that Harris and Obama are the most hypocritical women on the earth. She blasted them for using Afghan women for political pressure and sympathy, but when the U.S. left Afghanistan and reality set in, they were silent. Harris wasn’t even in the U.S. when the Afghanistan withdrawal was underway. Harris visited Vietnam and Saigon to talk about inclusive governments and bow down to the foreign leaders. You have to wonder what her feelings about Taiwan are right now. China is targeting Taiwan, and the Chinese government sees weakness in U.S. leadership and may take the opportunity to overtake them. Taiwan’s desire for independence has become an issue for China, and their military training has conveyed a strong message of opposition for Taiwan’s independence.

Harris seems to have skated through the vice presidency with ease. Doing nothing seems to be better than doing anything at all in Harris’ view because her actions speak loud and clear. The southern border, which Harris was tasked with dealing with, is a disaster and continues to be overrun by illegal immigrants. Harris’s lack of action carries to Afghanistan. Harris accepted the vice president job to make a difference in the U.S. Since she’s decided to do nothing, she’s doing a massive disservice to every legal citizen in the country. Her decision to say nothing for Afghan women is an actual downfall for women’s rights everywhere. What would happen if women were treated that way in the U.S.? Would she stay silent, or would she come out of the basement in October 2024 to stand up for women’s rights?