LA Sheriff Rips Progessive DA For Lenient Sentence and False Claims

There’s an issue with ultra-progressive District Attorney George Gascon’s defense over an stunningly light sentence given to a young driver who mowed down a mother and her 8-month old infant. The Los Angeles Sheriff says it is false.

Gascon, who faces a recall from voters angry at his Charmin-soft approach to crime, claims Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s office “agreed” to the feather-light charges and lenient sentence. Not exactly.

Villanueva says he would “never be OK” with Gascon’s actions. The angry lawman challenged the DA to “stop empowering and encouraging criminal behavior.” Ouch.

Surveillance video of the shocking August 6, 2021 incident shows the 16-year-old driver speeding the wrong way down a street before plowing into the mother and infant. The suspect tried to flee but was stopped as another driver rammed their pickup into his vehicle — which was stolen.

The mother and her infant son were only slightly injured, despite the horrific impact. The unidentified woman says she thought her baby had been killed, and that feeling “will haunt me forever.”

The driver, who tested positive for drugs, was charged with two felony counts of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury and one felony count of hit and run.

These sound serious.

But, when it came time for sentencing, the driver was ordered to spend a few months in a diversionary program. Then, his record will reportedly be wiped clean on his 18th birthday. The end result of driving a stolen vehicle under the influence into a mother and infant? Free summer camp.

This is the same District Attorney George Gascon who decided against felony charges against the man who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle on stage while carrying a knife. The suspect, Isaiah Lee, instead faces misdemeanors.

That same suspect now faces attempted murder charges for an attack on his roommate in December. In Chapelle’s case, Lee said he was “triggered” by jokes referencing trans people.

For these and similar examples too numerous to list, Gascon now faces his second recall attempt since taking office. It is supported by his own office’s deputy prosecutors. Fingers crossed.