Kentucky Teen Just Decimated CNN Reporter With This One Word

Mainstream media bias and lies have been put in your face for a long time. Used to, there were only a few networks to tune into, but now there are more than ever, and they sway to one side or the other. The difference? Not all of them are honest. 

Some of the biggest names in Democrat media have been caught lying, even some Republicans, and lawsuits have been filed against them. Nicholas Sandmann walks in. 

After going after him for his conduct at the Lincoln Memorial steps, Sandmann won a lawsuit against the Washington Post, CNN, and several other news outlets. The original lawsuit was for hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Brian Stelter, Chief Media Correspondent for CNN, tweeted, “GOP’s anti-media streak summarized: Governor of one of the biggest states in the USA says citizens should “assume” news outlets are lying to them.”

Stelter was speaking about Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Sandmann responded with a quick one-word answer to Stelter’s comments, “Howdy.” 

The response couldn’t have been more perfect. Lying in the media is perfectly portrayed in the Sandmann case, and it’s apparent that it was proven. 

Moving to other incidents of “fake news,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, was on Joe Rogan’s podcast after CNN said that Rogan was taking Ivermectin, the medication CNN described as horse dewormer, and Rogan was able to confront Gupta, and it went down beautifully. 

Rogan asked why CNN would lie about the medication he was taking as if he was taking horse medication, and Gupta said he didn’t know why they would do that. Rogan had the pills on hand and said, “I can afford people’s medication, mother f*****.” It’s a perfect real-time example that news outlets do lie to their viewers. It’s despicable and has embodied the entire narrative of Covid-19 and many other issues that Americans are highly conflicted over. The difference in coverage is driving people apart because reporters can’t be honest anymore. 

Given that the news would do this to Rogan, a well-known voice in political commentary, the world of mixed martial arts, and motivation, they’ll go after anyone they want to. Rogan has the ability and funding to sue them for everything they’re worth if he can prove that they negatively affected his viewership or image, but it’s unclear if he’s going to do that. It seems that Rogan had his opportunity to roast Gupta in person and after the video clips went viral, there’s not much left to be said. 

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta exposed by Joe Rogan