Kayleigh McEnany Contradicts The Left’s Narrative

Kayleigh McEnany isn’t done with politics, and she keeps popping up with words of encouragement. While McEnany was the Press Secretary for President Donald Trump, she has spoken on her behalf since President Trump left office.

President Trump jump-started the Covid-19 Vaccine, and though Republicans have been outspoken about not getting it, McEnany chimes in to give her opinion.

McEnany told Fox News, “Like Congressman Steve Scalise, I had Covid-19, even though I was asymptomatic, I still went and got the vaccine for a few reasons. Well, first, let me say, as I said yesterday, I saw President Trump oversee this process. He appointed Dr. Stephen Hahn at the FDA, who approved this vaccine. He appointed Robert Redfield at the CDC. I got the vaccine because one, it could keep you from getting a variant, number two, even if you get a variant, you’re 95% less likely to be hospitalized, our elderly, our most vulnerable,” the host pointed out that it was even higher than 95%. McEnany continued, “And even more important than any of that is that it reduces your risk of transmitting the virus, so if you have a grandmother, grandfather, or a parent, do it for them if not for yourself, even if you’re a young person.”

The primary problem with McEnany’s claim is that the virus spreads and infects vaccinated persons. Yes, the facts suggest that the vaccine reduces your chances of getting hospitalized, yet natural immunity exists when someone acquires Covid-19. The vaccine’s long-term effects have not been researched. The antibodies produced lack statistical data on their resistance and how long they remain in a person vs. natural antibodies produced by contracting Covid-19.

While McEnany suggests that getting the Covid-19 vaccination would be beneficial, she doesn’t support mandating the vaccine or vaccine passports. She spoke to Fox News, saying, “Governor DeSantis is exactly right about vaccine passports as he has been throughout this pandemic, you know, we’ve seen this modeled for the last year, the freedom model of dealing with the pandemic which Florida and Ron DeSantis embody and then the coercion and control model embodied by Governor Newsome of California.”

So, there you have it. McEnany has the freedom to express herself and her views on the vaccine just as we all do, but she wouldn’t ever support the government’s control of vaccines. Many news organizations, personalities, and politicians are getting heat for helping the vaccine, but the real question is, what do they think about a mandated vaccine? Make sure research is done before hating on someone just for their personal choice. Isn’t that what freedom is about?