Kamala Harris Plays Around As The US Border Is Overrun

Absent in the President Joe Biden administration is the star racial fill-in, Vice President Kamala Harris. After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the illegal Covid-19 mandates, and General Mark Milley’s treason disaster, Harris isn’t anywhere to be found. Oh wait, she’s at a football game.

Harris can vacation when her job is done. Americans would even meet in the middle when Harris and Biden’s administration plans for the border. Does it take that long to come up with a plan? Harris’ handlers have touted her out there because of recent reports of football fans in multiple stadiums around the country yelling “f*** Biden,” and they saw an opportunity to try to find common ground for Harris in football. As awkward as Harris looked, her mask was off-putting for such a contact sport. The players didn’t have masks, and many around them didn’t, but Harris just had to push her “masks work” plan in the stadium.

Twitter has provided some excellent content for the comparison of the southern border and Harris’ coin toss. The coin went way off point and landed well behind the referees, and the southern border is a disaster. It’s fitting. The only worse sports political welcome was when Dr. Anthony Fauci disastrously threw a baseball away and embarrassed himself.

Now the Biden administration wants amnesty for illegal immigrants that have come across the border, but that’s been Harris’ plan this entire time. If you want to destroy an economy, add in hundreds of thousands of workers at once and see how much the welfare state will blow up. It won’t even be the illegal immigrants that need government assistance. It’ll be Americans who get fired after Biden’s encouraging private business to fire anyone who doesn’t want the Covid-19 vaccine.

But wait, it gets better. The Biden administration isn’t mandating the illegal immigrants to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Isn’t that great? So, tell me again why this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated?”

Biden is just making room for the illegal immigrants by having so many Americans fired. And make no mistake, it’s the federal government telling private businesses what to do. Even if Biden isn’t doing private businesses to do this, he’s still influencing them. That isn’t good. It is a free country, and medical freedom is still a freedom that Americans should take seriously. If you believe that an unvaccinated person is endangering you after you’ve gotten the Covid-19 vaccine, then you’re the oppressor and should feel protected from Covid-19. Otherwise, why did you get the Covid-19 vaccine?