Kamala Harris Has Tested Positive for Covid-19 and Guess Who Isn’t a Close Contact

Oh no! Vice President Kamala Harris has contracted Covid-19! Honestly, nobody cares. What you should care about is the completely dishonest theater that’s still going on about Covid-19, masks, and the Covid-19 vaccine. Still, the left is treating it like it’s the most interesting news out there.

The White House released a statement saying, “Today, Vice President Harris tested positive for COVID-19 on rapid and PCR tests. She has exhibited no symptoms, will isolate and continue to work from the Vice President’s residence. She has not been a close contact to the President or First Lady due to their respective recent travel schedules. She will follow CDC guidelines and the advice of her physicians. The vice president will return to the White House when she tests negative.”

Wait a second… Harris worked at the White House? That’s new information.

MJ Lee, CNN White House Correspondent, tweeted, “Breaking: Vice President Kamala Harris has tested positive for Covid, White House says. She is not considered a close contact of President Biden.”

Benny Johnson responded on Twitter saying, “This is the meanest tweet on twitter right now.”

That’s probably the funniest tweet response in all of Twitter.

President Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Harris have had plenty of rumors flying around that they don’t get along and don’t want to work together. On top of that, there was another rumor that Jill Biden wanted to find out if A vice president could be removed from office.

Another interesting aspect of Harris’ “ailment” is what Igo Bobic, Senior Politics reporter for the HuffPost, tweeted, “Dems can’t tie break in the Senate this week even if they had all 50 senators able to vote.”

Given that Harris doesn’t really do her job as it is, if she had to step into the Senate chambers and contribute to a tie-breaking vote, she can’t do it right now. If that happens, she will have failed at every single aspect of the vice presidency.

Steven Dennis also tweeted that Senator’s Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Chris Murphy tested positive for Covid-19 as well just before the Senate took a break and everyone was about to go eat together in the lunchroom.

This may be a real-life example of how Covid-19 spreads after the pandemic. If Senators and their families are testing positive for Covid-19 in large quantities within the next week, Covid-19 spreads easily. If they don’t, Covid-19 could be an absolute hoax and should be discarded as serious from this point forward.