Kamala Harris ‘Can’t Admit’ That The Biden Administration Is ‘Failing’

Vice President Kamala Harris is a walking disaster, and it’s not only because of her lack of effort to secure the southern border or her constant lying, but she freezes. Call it gaff’s or stumbling over words, but she can’t get herself together when asked difficult questions. Generally, she’ll cackle when things get uncomfortable, but she doesn’t know what to say other times when laughing isn’t an option.

A perfect example is a recent interview between Harris and NBC’s Craig Melvin, where Harris couldn’t give any reasonable response other than that the country should be doing the same things it has been doing with COVID-19.


Is that even an appropriate response? Is Harris even in charge of anything or involved whatsoever? That would be the only reasonable conclusion anyone can gather from the disaster of a response.

According to Harris, millions of Americans are still unvaccinated and “could be vaccinated, and we are asking them to get vaccinated because it will save their life.”

Omicron is a very mild variant of COVID-19. It’s surging across the country, and the COVID-19 at-home tests aren’t going to get to Americans in enough time for them to be of any use. The world has to get back to normal. There’s no reason for it not to.

Harris also didn’t give any specific answers because she knew she couldn’t. She has no power. The Supreme Court overturned the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, forcing the federal government and White House to rethink encouraging individuals to be vaccinated.

The question came after six former administration officials wrote an open letter urging President Joe Biden’s Administration to try something different to change the course of COVID-19. Biden’s Administration hasn’t done anything or acknowledged the letter because nothing has changed. It is a perfect example of a ruling by force. When the Biden Administration can’t force Americans to do what they say, they don’t have a plan B, and it’s obvious.

To slow the spread of COVID-19 would mean to stop talking about it and move on. Is COVID-19 dangerous? Yes. Is it survivable? 100%. COVID-19 wasn’t the leading cause of death in 2021, either. While twice as many people died from heart disease and almost the same from cancer, very few public health institutions tried to get anyone to use common sense to overcome the adverse side effects of COVID-19. It’s proven that a healthy lifestyle allows people to have a much greater chance of survival against COVID-19 than most other protection methods.

When asked again, Harris said, “I don’t believe in giving up on people, Craig. I don’t.”

A failed leader speaks prophetic words.

Later, Harris said that the Administration was frustrated with “where we are,” but wouldn’t Harris try and change the Administration’s direction if they knew it wasn’t working?

That would mean that everything happening right now is on purpose. It can’t be translated in any other way. Continue with the failure until morale improves.