Kamala Harris CACKLES While Talking About Disabled People In NOTORIOUS Video

Everything that the left blamed former President Donald Trump for is gradually making its way out of President Joe Biden’s presidency. The Democrats blamed Trump for being a tyrant and ruling by executive order, racist, and colluding with Russia. All are notably a thing of Biden’s administration.  

The worst yet, maybe Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s done nothing since taking office, and it seems that when she does anything, it’s highly scripted. Harris recently told kids about space, and it turns out that every kid sitting in the room had to audition for the spot. It’s absurd. It feels like a “movie” presidency, but Biden is unpredictable, and the writers fell asleep at the wheel.  

Harris also has a way to “cackle” her way out of any situation. She did this when speaking about visiting the southern border and cackled while saying, “and I haven’t visited Europe,” but that one didn’t fare well for her as she continued to ignore the border just as she has to this day.  

While speaking to Nicole Jorwic, Senior Director of Public Policy at The Arc of the United States, they asked a specific question. She asked, “What can people, members of the disability community like Chris, and members of our family expect from the administration through the build back better agenda in this space.” 

It is a particular and direct question that should have gotten a direct answer. While asking, Jorwic was sitting with her brother, who received medicare-based community care, and her mom, who coordinates that care and the care of her parents. Jorwic explained that it’s even more challenging to do this because of her grandmother’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Jorwic said that even when families are lucky enough to be selected from the list, there’s a lack of financial security involved. And even still, Jorwic is concerned about long-term support for home and community-based levels. 

Harris responded with, “We should allow people with disabilities to participate in society fully,” and gave her the expected cackle of a laugh. The lack of empathy and concern is felt through the video.  

Harris’ ultimate statement is, “It should be our collective interest in supporting that, that approach.” It should or it will? If Harris expects anything to get done, she needs to instill certainty in communities that need the support, but she fails to do that.  

She concluded the response by saying that “we’re going to keep fighting for you. We gotta ‘Build Back Better.’” It’s a diversion of responsibility and diversion of absolute certainty that anything will be done that will support any community with disabilities. The entire exchange was cringeworthy at its core. It’s not an exchange that gives confidence and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

While the Biden administration focuses on mandating the Covid-19 vaccine mandates and ignoring the southern border, families are hurting. They’re feeling the pain that inflation and lockdowns bring to people with disabilities.