Kamala Harris Accused Of ‘Illegal Collusion’ With Abortion Groups During Daleiden Investigation

Democrats and collusion are becoming the same. First, there’s President Joe Biden, then Vice President, telling the Ukraine government he would withhold money if a prosecutor looking into his son wasn’t fired. Hillary Clinton had an attorney make up information about former President Donald Trump and Russia, and now Vice President Kamala Harris and the Daleiden investigation.  

John Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, is still dealing with charges under California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and CMP is fighting a lawsuit. Daleiden’s home was raided, and videotape was discovered. That video was turned over to the National Abortion Foundation when it wasn’t supposed to be. The video was unreleased at the time it was given to them.

Fox News released the story and said, “Recent statements and court documents indicate that when Vice President Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, her office colluded with prominent abortion providers as she pursued a criminal case against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, his attorneys argue.” 

Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, a CMP investigator, were charged with violating the eavesdropping law in California and Planned Parenthood and NAF filed a lawsuit in front of Judge William Orrick. He also has ties to Planned Parenthood.  

He claims that Harris was working with Planned Parenthood, and emails between Harris and Planned Parenthood were made discoverable.  

Washington Times reported, “The emails initially were accessed via a Public Records Act request and later obtained by The Times, and span from March 8 to April 14. Mr. Harris launched a raid on Mr. Daleiden’s apartment on April 5, during which agents seized his laptop, hard drives, and phone while he was speaking to his attorneys.”

During this time, Harris didn’t investigate Planned Parenthood or NAF for their statements of selling fetal body parts as CMP initially set out to expose. 

Fox News attorney Alexandra Laks obtained billing for the review of unreleased video footage. 

The search warrant for Daleiden’s apartment mentions California Vehicle Code 4463 (a)(1) and California Penal Code 470(a), both of which deal with identity fraud.

Meanwhile, NAF’s civil suit was filed in federal court, and its Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) accusations included a reference to a federal law regulating fraudulent identification.

The billing data and one of the state DOJ’s investigations suggest some cooperation. According to the May 31, 2017, record, Foran made “phone contacts with the superior court and the California AG’s office about the status of a flash drive of NAF materials lodged in the criminal case.”

The fact that Harris involved herself so heavily and gave preferential rights to evidence to a donor should be noted when considering her ability to lead the country as Vice President.