Justin Trudeau Has His First ‘Reasonable Thought’ In Years

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that western countries have to stand together again with China because they tend to divide countries and turn them against each other. It may be one of the most brilliant things Trudeau has said since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After locking his country down, criminalizing private property gatherings, and many other ridiculous measures to stop a virus from spreading, Trudeau takes a stand that other countries should follow.

Trudeau says, “We need to do a better job of working together and standing strong, so China can’t play the angles and divide us one against the other.”

As President Joe Biden seems to pander to China and Russia, and even the Taliban, there’s a different perspective that we should look at. The world has largely separated itself as COVID-19 spreads throughout every country, and travel bans haven’t helped at all. If China could be segregated from the world as a whole, that would be better for everyone.

The free market will regulate itself, and ethical business practices in China will also control when no country wants to work with them.

“We’ve been competing, and China has been, from time to time, quite effectively playing us off each other in an open market, competitive approach,” Trudeau added.

Canada has joined several other nations, notably the Unified States, in boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympics, despite China’s claim that “the concept of political neutrality of sports established by the Olympic Charter and runs antithetical to the Olympic motto more united.’”

That’s like getting mad at your friends for not coming to a party while you have people chained up in your basement. Concentration camps in China should never be tolerated, and regardless of the product, all imports should stop from China until they treat their people better.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “The U.S. will pay the price for its practices. You may stay tuned for follow-ups.”

What price are they expecting the U.S. to pay? The boycott is 100% reasonable and should be a larger boycott. The fact that it’s the only political representation held back is remarkable, and China should thank the U.S. for allowing sponsorship from private businesses and allowing athletes to attend.

The 2022 Olympics might be the only thing halting China from invading Taiwan. If there’s a conflict, there would be much less Olympic involvement, if any. The U.S. has to be ready in case that’s the case, and athletes wishing to attend should be wary of China’s political involvement and the possibility that conflict will begin while they’re at the Olympic games.