Justice Sonia Sotomayor ‘Lied About Data’ Reported By The NIH In February 2021

Supreme Court Justices occasionally get confirmed by accident. That’s the case with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who’s as radical as they come. There should be a diversity of views on the Supreme Court, but what Sotomayor has said about the COVID-19 vaccine mandates by the federal government should cause concern.

Sotomayor said, “I don’t understand why the states would have power by the federal government wouldn’t.”

That’s the entire purpose of the Tenth Amendment. It goes into this whole separation of powers that the United States was founded on. The founders knew that there should never be a reliable centralized power in our government, and that’s still true today. That was the entire idea of stopping things like this from happening.

There should at least be a cursory knowledge of the Constitution being on the Supreme Court. Civics is generally taught in middle schools across the country. The fact that a practicing judge doesn’t understand the basic concepts of constitutional law should disqualify her from sitting in the supreme court.

To get the point across, Sotomayor lied about COVID-19 pediatric hospitalizations. Sotomayor said that there were 100,000 when in all reality, there were less than 3,500. That’s not a small mistake.

Center for Disease Control Rochelle Walensky confirmed that there were less than 3,500, but also said, “First of all, the vast majority of children who are in the hospital are unvaccinated, and for those children who are not eligible for vaccination, we do know they are most likely to get sick with COVID if their family members aren’t vaccinated.”

That doesn’t match the comorbidities that increase the odds of severe illness.

The US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health reported, “42 studies containing 275,661 children without comorbidities and 9,353 children with comorbidities were included. Severe COVID-19 was present in 5.1% of children with comorbidities, and in 0.2% without comorbidities.”

That study was reported in February of 2021, giving Sotomayor ample opportunity to research what she was ruling on, but it seems she entered the courtroom halfcocked and intentionally lying. That should be embarrassing, but it’s all a cover-up as the Democrat failures go. They want to create as much federal power as possible rather than do their job and act inside their authority.

Any state that wants to resist the federal government can do so without pushback from the federal government with powers not delegated by the Constitution. Better luck next time, Sotomayor.