Judge Says Prince Harry Can Sue the UK

Prince Harry received news on Friday that he can move forward with a lawsuit against the UK government regarding protection for his family when they visit England.

Harry’s lawyers had tried to obtain a full judicial review, refusing the prince’s wish to pay for his family’s protection. In February 2020, the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (RAVEC) denied his access to taxpayer funding.

The judge ruled that the former member of the monarchy would be allowed to submit his claim for judicial review. He also noted that it was only for a partial review, adding that the other part of Harry’s lawsuit would probably not receive any attention.

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in 2019, left England and moved to the United States. The couple also stepped down as “working royalty” which caused them to lose their public paid police security.

Harry made his family aware in January 2020 that he was willing to pay for his one protection when RAVEC denied the couple’s public-paid security. The family told him that was not possible and Harry took his case to the Home Office.

There is concern that if Harry is successful in winning, even a portion, of his litigation, a pandora’s box could be opened with other notable figures wanting similar protection. “If Harry were successful in a judicial review which sought to fight his own private, security corner, it might leave the door ajar for others —t he devil will be in the detail of the claim and the court’s ultimate ruling,” said Amber Melville-Brown, a lawyer with Withers Law Firm.

Only police have access to firearms when protecting those sanctioned by the Home Office. Private firms do not.

As Harry moves forward with his plans, other celebrities appear to be watching from the sidelines to see if they will have room to demand similar access.