Journalists “Lie” About Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Again

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did, opposing the framework of the infrastructure bill doesn’t mean that spending the money wisely and for Florida’s benefit is a bad thing. DeSantis announced the $80 billion that the state was going to South Florida. South Florida would be a suitable recipient of the money because of the recent building collapse that killed 98 people.

DeSantis said that there “wasn’t enough” included for Florida. He also said an overload of funds going to blue states was “unfair.” To suggest that DeSantis outright opposed the bill would be absurd because there aren’t any supporting facts.

One Twitter user said, “That money is from the Federal Government, aka the #BidenAdministration.”

It’s interesting to suggest that a specified amount of money comes from a President and not the federal government. President Joe Biden wouldn’t be giving Florida any money out of his bank account from the infrastructure bill and not just because he would have to have Hunter Biden’s signature because of their joint account.

The best part of all of this? The money DeSantis is distributing is from former President Donald Trump’s Hurricane Irma relief fund. Did anyone think that $80 billion would be handed out within this short time?

An upcoming challenger to DeSantis, Nikki Fried, replied to a tweet suggesting that DeSantis is taking credit for the infrastructure bill funds by saying, “Of course he is. Such a fraud.” Did someone on Fried’s campaign not tell her that tweet wouldn’t age well? Funny enough, Fried is proving herself to be an actual fraud.

Over the past two years, the Democrat party has proven that truth doesn’t matter as long as you can slam someone and the public won’t bat an eye. Journalism is also gone, and verification of facts doesn’t exist. News outlets would instead print a redaction or a correction when nobody goes back and checks because the following news story is already the hottest topic.

It is why so many Democrats didn’t know about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and they believed that 51% of all COVID-19 infected individuals were hospitalized. Those polls are astonishing to the facts that exist if there were any honest journalists left.

It’s also why people like James O’Keefe at Project Veritas become so polarizing. Because so many people believe everything they’re told, they attack whoever is speaking it when they hear a dissenting opinion.

It is proof that a college education from a highly acclaimed school means nothing when it comes to the journalistic integrity of anything you read.