Joe Rogan Explains Why Congress Should Not Trade Stocks

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the stock philanthropist, doesn’t believe that Congress should be banned from trading stocks. The outlandish advantage has made Congress members millions of dollars with their voting power and foreknowledge of specific events that will affect stock prices and market crashes. It still isn’t enough to pull back the curtain and end this practice. It would take the very people who benefit from this to vote against it. Yeah, that’s never happening.

When asked about banning stock trading in Congress, Joe Rogan pointed out some fascinating details of Pelosi’s response. Pelosi’s body language tells the entire story.

Pelosi said, “This is a free market and people, we are a free market economy. They should be able to participate in that.”

On his podcast, Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan said, “Have you ever seen a person look more nervous?”

Pelosi knows the game, and she knows what she’s doing. The short answer and blatant shutdown of any possibility of Congress being banned are telling. Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, made $5.3 million on stock options from Alphabet, the parent company of Google. His timely prediction was one week before the government pushed legislation to restrict Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook from dominating the market. What a coincidence.

Rogan continued, “She’s giving this like a very simplistic, almost vague answer.” Of course, she is. She doesn’t want to get into the specifics, and if the topic comes up for conversation and consideration, there’s a good chance more information will come out that may make Congress members look bad.

He said, “Because should you be permitted to participate in the stock market if you have influence over the direction of the stock or know the direction something is going to go in? Or when you’re going to create a law that will help these businesses and drive the stock to rise, and you already know it, so you invest a lot of money before it happens? That appears to be a concern.”

It’s only a problem for them if you’re not benefitting. There’s something to be said for paying people more money so that corruption won’t be an option, but that may provide more means for corruption to occur. Either way, giving politicians more money in salary would undoubtedly dilute the market that would push money their way to enact change. It appears to remove at least some of the corruption from governments.

Business Insider reported that 52 Congress members violated the Stock Act passed in 2012. The Act was designed to stock government employees from participating in insider trading. It doesn’t seem to be working.