Joe Rogan Discusses Democrats’ Mental Illness

On a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan spoke out about Democrats’ epic meltdowns on Twitter, saying that the only good reason to go on the platform was to watch them freak out.

Rogan, a comedian and host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” welcomed an all-star lineup of comedians on his April 7 show: Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir. During the episode, they discussed several issues, including the devastating repercussions of the COVID lockdowns, and the insanity of left-wing ideologues on Twitter.

Speaking about the government-imposed lockdowns, Rogan said that they “destroyed the economy” and “livelihoods.”

“It destroyed work environments and social environments and hobbies and all these certain things that people want to do,” the podcast host added.

Rogan went on to discuss why it appears that people are angrier now than previous years, and how it is probably connected to the pandemic-related restrictions.

“So, the amount of people that are unhappy in comparison the amount of people whose lives are going well, in 2019 before it went back – it’s probably in the millions,” Rogan said.

“The stack of unhappy people and the people who this really f***ed their life up,” he noted. “It’s just changed the tone of the country. The whole country feels different.”

Shaffir commented on how the lockdowns forced everyone to stay at home — which led to a significant number of people spending more time online.

“Yeah, that online thing that riles you up, it’s just you’re more exposed to it,” Shaffir said, referring to people being locked down and having more access to the toxicity of social media.

Rogan also discussed the negative side effects of social media, especially Twitter.

“There’s some people, even comics, that I follow on Twitter where I just go to check their feed just to watch mental illness just spray its diarrhea all over the screen,” the podcast host stated. “It’s wild to watch people.”

“One guy that I’m friends with, he’s a nice guy, but he’s the most Democrat supporting — it’s like someone who’s a Pirates fan – Pittsburgh Pirates. And he’s like, ah, ‘Let’s f***ing go, Pirates!’ The whole thing is, ‘Go Democrats!’” he added.

Gillis mockingly quipped: “They’ll be like, ‘Look at Biden kicking a** this week!'”

Rogan jokingly added: “He writes, ‘Best. Period. Administration. Period. Ever.'”

Listen to the episode on Spotify below: