Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Has ‘Nothing To Do’ With Actual Science

It might be up for discussion and debate precisely what Joe Biden’s White House is up to mandating vaccines, but what’s not up for debate is these mandates have nothing to do with actual science.

They might be the best faith albeit cruel and viciously coercive effort to fight the spread of coronavirus by central planners who face the age-old problem of central planning: the knowledge problem. Decisions taken by a few for the benefit of many are prone to colossal inaccuracy, miscalculation, and unanticipated negative consequences.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek who also won a Presidential Medal of Freedom from George H. W. Bush administration described the knowledge problem in his study of economics.

He found that decision-making, especially for the most critical decisions to society, serves society best when it is distributed because knowledge is distributed locally. There isn’t much a central decision-maker can do before making mistakes with other people’s lives because they don’t have all the knowledge necessary to make perfect rules that accommodate and optimize the lives of hundreds of millions of people connected in an unfathomable complex social and economic network.

When we think about the world economically, we find that distributed decision-making by responsible, autonomous individuals prevails over centralized decision-making forced on others against their will and more localized knowledge to make the best decisions for themselves, which accrue benefits to society (Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, 1776).

That’s what the science of economics says about how to organize a society. If Joe Biden and the Covid authoritarians want to go by the book and be scientific in our approach to the coronavirus pandemic, then look no further than Hayek and other economists. They have scientifically demonstrated that individual human action motivated by localized knowledge achieves better outcomes for individuals and society than command-and-control decisions made by authoritarian bosses.

But let’s be realistic. The vaccine mandates are not likely a reasonable faith effort to make the world better. They’re instead a brazen, cynical, amoralistic power grab by vicious bullies who revel in the feeling of security and validation it gives them to order other people around and enforce their will on others.

That’s not science. It’s age-old human weaknesses, greed, envy, fear, wrath all wrapped up in a sciencey package to tempt social thugs and ruffians to call for the government’s violation of millions of people’s bodies while pushing up their glasses and patting themselves on the backs for being so intelligent and worldly.

That’s not science. Its vanity is monetized, commoditized, weaponized by the political class and its supporters in society. It translated to massive transfers of power and wealth from the rest of the community to the Covid hysteria mongers. Joe Biden is hoping, enough votes to win reelection in 2024.

That’s not science. It’s politics as usual.