Joe Biden’s Own Words Have Effectively Ended His Presidency

President Joe Biden didn’t end Covid-19 even with vaccines available. To cover for his loss, he’s now pushing for a complete Covid-19 vaccine mandate because the federal government can’t mandate the Covid-19 vaccine while under emergency use authorization. 

The problem is, Biden’s mandates have been halted by a federal court in New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s a move that we should all admire, but the arguments are legitimate, and it’s unclear what the final ruling will be.

To say that Biden’s words haunt him is looking through a broad scope. For a president that just said “negro” in a press conference, it’s clear that he has no standards whatsoever. 

Biden promised to end the Covid-19 pandemic and frankly promised many things, but it hasn’t happened. The optics of the Covid-19 virus was expected to end once the vaccine rollouts happened. However, many Americans didn’t believe him and still don’t, as Covid-19 spreads around the country even in vaccinated Americans. 

Biden hasn’t accomplished anything of merit. 

Fifteen days to slow the spread, and now the FBI is raiding journalists’ homes. Biden isn’t doing anyone any favors by staying in office. 

Rapid testing is faulty and results in many false positives.

Biden pushed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate that will cause employers to lose employees. There are plenty of employers who have over 100 employees. Under OSHA’s Covid-19 vaccine requirement, they will lose enough employees through noncompliance that they won’t have to comply with the vaccine mandate. It makes no sense. 

In October, Outkick reported, “More than 353,000 COVID-related deaths have now been reported in 2021, including 47,000 over the last month alone.” 

Would you mind getting this man out of the office?