Joe Biden’s Handlers Can’t Keep Hiding His Problems

From the moment Joe Biden set foot into the Oval Office, there’s been a concerted effort to hide the clear problems that exist with him.

During the earliest days of the Biden presidency, he did not hold direct press conferences. This quickly caught national attention. Even left-leaning media outlets began to press officials within the administration on the president’s notable absence.

Finally, when Biden did start giving press conferences, he was photographed with notes and flashcards on multiple occasions. This was clearly the White House’s way of attempting to guide the president and control what he says.

Unfortunately, the speech and memory issues that Biden suffers from continue to become more obvious. At this point, these aren’t problems that administration staffers can simply conceal from the public.

An Embarrassing Display on Monday
Earlier this week, the president sat down with Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the White House, along with a body of press members and photographers.

During this time, the media asked questions of Biden, as is typical for US presidents who are engaging in these sorts of events. At one point during the sit-down with Mitsotakis, Biden was questioned about the recent criticism his administration has faced from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on inflation.

Immediately, staffers for the president intervened, shouting for press members and photographers to exit the room. Biden, meanwhile, sat back and laughed as this transpired.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the president’s handlers have tried to keep him from answering questions during gatherings with world leaders.

When Biden infamously met with the prime minister of the United Kingdom, White House staffers again rushed to save Biden from having to answer any questions.

A Bad Sign For the American Public
Speaking with the media and answering questions is one of many responsibilities that a president has. The White House’s repeated efforts to keep Biden from doing this are clearly meant to save him from embarrassing himself.

However, the idea of a US president being so fragile that his aides have to bully reporters out of the room is an embarrassment unto itself. It speaks volumes about Biden’s fitness levels and just how much hand-holding he requires to do this job.

Already, the American public has been warned about the hazards of this president.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) was a White House doctor under multiple presidents. Since Biden’s gotten into office, Jackson has repeatedly said he’s a threat to national security, due to his clear cognitive issues.

If, at this point, Biden is so far gone that his staffers have to force the media out of the room to avoid inquiries, it begs to question what else Biden is dealing with behind the scenes.