Joe Biden Is Attempting To Rewrite History

The Capitol takeover of January 6th was an attempt by rioters to stop the officiation of the 2020 Presidential elections with Biden officially taking over the Presidential seat. Hundreds of rioters entered the Capitol, and the security was vastly outnumbered. Some of the security staff became victims of the violent takeover, and Biden honored them by giving out congressional models. During his address, Biden called out the rioters’ attempt to take over the Capitol as an assault against the state as they tried to stop the ceremony of certifying his Presidency. Biden called their act against America as they chose to reject the elections and tried to rewrite history.

Biden said during his speech that the rioter’s mob has tried to go against the will of the American people and attain power at all costs. According to him, they can not be allowed to rewrite history, and that they should accept fair elections as all great nations do. But isn’t it Biden himself who is trying to rewrite history? He says that the election results were reasonable, and the violent/extremist mob was there to stop it, but that is because elections were not fair and accessible, which is why the mob showed up. He talks about honesty and fairness, but the current state audits are trying to find the fraud that was this election. He calls the takeover a violent attempt, but was it? They were there to restore the American will, which was manipulated by election fraud. He talks about the greatness of democracy, but of course, it’s impossible to have real democracy with fake and corrupt elections.

Biden and the Democrats have continuously manipulated the state’s policies with their leftist narrative and even made it to the Presidency, rewriting history by getting there unfairly. The entire country is questioning whether or not the elections were entirely fair, considering that 49% of the Americans voted against Biden during the 2020 Presidential elections. Since there is a chance of ballot corruption, state auditors are re-examining the votes. Though it might be futile as the democrats know very well how to hush any politically disturbing situation against them, the rioters were not entirely in the wrong to stop the unjust Presidency from getting certified.