Joe Biden And His Freudian Slip Russia Invading Ukraine Will Not Win Over Iranians

As Russian forces invade Ukraine, the liberal media seems fixated on this one event. CNN and MSNBC revel in a new crisis, as the federal control systems ramp up for a new wave of freedom crippling actions. But Biden stumbled into another gaffe that may reveal a threat looming. He said, “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

Undoubtedly, China is first on the list of forgotten threats. We can assume that Beijing and Xi are just waiting to make their move. But the other worldwide danger to stability in the Middle East is the effort to restore the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal that Trump ended. The Biden-Harris maladministration seems hellbent on creating as many enemies and problems as possible. It is as if an idiotic liberal librarian got ahold of our national policies and is going to rattle off disaster after disaster.

Iran may want another nuclear deal with Biden because the last one included pallets of cash. Cutoff times for another agreement have gone back and forth. John Kerry and the US sock puppet President Joe Biden conceded waivers to keep negotiations with a terrorist state alive. Biden’s international strategy and foreign policy positions are incoherent unless understood as a systematic undermining of American interests.

America’s national interests require seeking advantages and partnerships. Biden looks to disadvantage and destabilizes nations favorable to American national security. The CFR position is that a deal is needed to prevent Iran from gaining nukes. But international strategy disasters from Afghanistan to Ukraine have raised concerns that Biden is competent enough to pull off an agreement, which is just an indication that Iran may use talks as a way to stall as it proceeds on the course toward all-out warfare.

The humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan was a recent indication that our military no longer has the senior leadership to push back on bad policy or execute multi-staged actions. Senior officers claim they knew about the potential for heartbreaking results, but they did what they were told. It is a little too convenient an explanation for 13 dead service members. They should have done more.

On the other hand, the Iran nuclear deal needs a more rigid stance. Biden rolled over when dealing with the Taliban. It is no longer possible to join forces with the Russians to pressure Iran. NATO, EU and America are denouncing Putin and the Russian government as warmongers and terrorists. Propelling America into a war in Ukraine will make a deal with Iran impossible. Iran is in an extensive partnership with Russia and China and will push for a terrible arrangement for American interests.

Tehran has said it will consider signing the Paris Climate Agreement, which Trump also nixed. Amidst a Russian attack on Ukraine, Iran may dangle nuclear and climate deals for an inept Democrat-run president who looks to checkboxes on promises made to his radical fringe. It may also lead to an agreement with China when they decide to take Taiwan and Biden stands down to watch.