Jim Acosta Left Mumbling By MTG

Marjorie Taylor Greene must be over the target because she is getting attacked on all sides. There is a kangaroo court proceeding against her by the Democrats who are trying to disqualify her from running again because of her alleged involvement in the January 6 debacle.

According to the people trying to keep her off the ballot, she has run afoul of a civil war era prohibition of allowing insurrectionists to appear on the ballot. The hearing went off the rails when the “prosecution” started attributing quotes from the movie Independence Day to MTG as proof of insurrection.

Whenever there is a clown show in town CNN’s Jim Acosta cannot be far away. He tried to ambush MTG in the street asking her if she sent a text to President Trump asking for martial law. The Congresswoman responded by asking him to read the actual text, which Acosta surprisingly did.

When you are partisan, everything is about spin. When you are a journalist, the truth is your first principle. Jim Acosta has always been about spinning the facts to suit the regime’s narrative. When he unwittingly agreed to read the actual text in question that he was asking about he unwittingly trapped himself. When all you deal in is lies you forget that the truth is your enemy.

It is important to note that one of the main reasons that Jim Acosta found himself in this precarious situation is that Marjorie Taylor Greene had her own camera operator there. MTG smartly understands that videotaping the people videotaping you is the only way to protect yourself against others manipulating the narrative. Jim Acosta found himself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to deny what happened because there would be video evidence.

The lesson in this interaction is that there is no more trust in the public square. You must document everything to rebut the inevitable spin from the journalists covering you. Trump’s recent sit-down with Piers Morgan is a prime example of this. The media tried to paint the interview as an example of Trump storming from the set, but Trump’s people released their tape to show the opposite was in fact true. There are no more honest brokers. Act accordingly.