Jill Biden Lies About Biden Having “Strength And Character”

For some reason, First Lady Jill Biden thinks that former President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were best buds. Either she’s willfully ignorant or she truly wants you to believe that the “Russian collusion” narrative is true. Either way, Jill needs to focus on what President Joe Biden is doing and how the country can be turned around. That would mean having Joe step down for someone with some common sense and as his wife, she should be the first one pushing for that to happen.

While in Arizona for the first day of a three-day tour, Jill said, “In the aftermath of four years of instability, it felt like Americans across the country were holding their breath.”

The fact is, Americans are still holding their breath because they don’t know how bad things will get. When Trump was in office, the biggest concern was that he said mean things on Twitter? Policy issues were largely solid and didn’t have a negative effect. The energy was excellent and there wasn’t a threat of war looming over top of the US or mainly around the world.

Jill continued, “I want you to know that he is working relentlessly to unite people, to unite NATO countries so that they can stand up to Putin. And one of the reasons you probably all voted for him was his true character. Consider his years of experience. He was in his 30s when he traveled to the Soviet Union at the time.”

Strength is off the table. Biden isn’t a strong leader and even the Democrats know it.

Also, how dare Jill talk about Biden’s character? Biden has used his political position to bail out his son, Hunter Biden, more times than anyone even knows about. The documented emails and videos that Joe and Hunter shared a bank account and Joe withholding money from Ukraine so that they’ll fire a prosecutor investigating Hunter shows no character at all. If you tack in Biden’s racial statements, then every ounce of character is off the table.

If you want to talk about chaos in the US, look at the last year and a half. People seem to forget that their beloved Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi withheld stimulus checks because she didn’t want to give them out with Trump’s name on it and you can’t convince anyone that Biden didn’t have something to do with that.

Biden’s inflation, which is essentially his fault, has led to American workers coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic with higher prices at the same pay. On top of that, the current gas prices that conveniently started to rise when Biden took office are setting Americans behind.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was an absolute disaster that took the lives of 13 service members needlessly. Had Trump facilitated the withdrawal, it would have been strategic and without fail. The Taliban knew that Trump meant what he said and if there were any military members harmed during the withdrawal, there would have been a solid plan, which Biden didn’t have, and the response to any pushback would have been swift.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates have killed the workforce, with Americans losing their jobs needlessly. After they were fired, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate and workers were left with nothing. It turns out the COVID-19 vaccines weren’t perfect and COVID-19 has been over for the last year and nobody should have been negatively impacted. The fact that the US could send $25 million to Pakistan for gender studies during a worldwide pandemic tells you that there’s no need to pass new bills that would spend money. We should have plenty to spare. Biden’s push for more spending will lead to higher taxes or inflation. There’s no way around it.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict would be avoided. Biden’s administration taunted Russia to act for months before they did to the extent of a State Department spokesperson telling a reporter to take his word as evidence for a false Russian flag that was upcoming, which never happened.

Nothing mentioned above shows the strength of character.