Jill Biden and Hilary Clinton are Good Friends

Hilary Clinton has been anxious to get her chance at running for president well before the 2016 election that she still believes was stolen from her. She’s jealous and wants her spot back which may be why she met with Vice President Kamala Harris to the White House to give her advice on how to do her job.

Back in 2016, it wasn’t only Hilary Clinton who wanted to become president. Current President Joe Biden was likely going to run if he had the support from his family and former advisors. An email was sent to Biden’s family referencing a Real Clear Politics article about Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and the Clinton Foundation because of Hilary’s private server, Freedom of Information Act requests that said there was no information when there was, because Hilary specifically requested information to be sent to her server, and many others.

Biden headlined the article that was sent with “Interesting” and sent it to Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, Finnegan Biden, his sister Valerie and husband Jack, someone titled “Mom”, which could be Jill Biden, and his aides Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilon as well as many others.

Now, in what can only be described as a “suck up session,” Jill Biden and Hilary Clinton were on a Zoom call and couldn’t say enough good things about each other and seemed to have so much in common. Jill Biden explained that she loves teaching at a community college and Hilary Clinton said, “I just love hearing you talk about it.”

Benny Johnson described it as a “CRINGE zoom call that sounds like a telethon for a natural disaster” and to be clear, Hilary Clinton only loves hearing herself talk.

This seems like a setup for Hilary Clinton to become Vice President when Harris takes over for Biden. For what it’s worth, Hilary Clinton would do anything she had to in order to gain power back. What might come next would be a bigger disaster than we’re currently seeing.

Imagine what would happen with Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi having the top three leadership positions in the U.S.