Jill Biden Addresses Waukesha Victims At City Hall, But Relies On Parents’ Fears To Push For Vaccines

Jill Biden went to Waukesha, Wisconsin, the location of the Christmas Parade Massacre, along with Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, to speak at city hall.

Emhoff spoke after the Waukesha Mayor. Emhoff began by acknowledging the “horrible, shocking, and unexpected tragedy” that happened at the parade, killing six and injuring more than 60 people. Emhoff continued by thanking all of the first responders and community members that assisted in helping the entire community thrive during the time of heartache and distress.

Emhoff then introduced Jill.

Jill said that the incident is complicated to understand because of the Christmas aspect of the attack. Then something awkward happened.

Jill, the pro-abortion first lady, began speaking about the Gospel of Luke. The most awkward part is that she started with the birth of John the Baptist. It’s a good thing John the Baptist’s mother was pro-life. Otherwise, Jill wouldn’t be able to quote the scripture. Please don’t call me a theologian, but I believe Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and John the Baptist would have a couple of negative things about Jill and Joe Biden.

Jill spoke about the first responders and the community that has helped generate healing. She said, “while there’s no logic to this loss, it has left something else in its wake: love.”

On the flip side, when Jill visited the Waukesha Children’s Hospital, she only talked about COVID-19 vaccines. The victims are still healing. She chose that time to speak about vaccines.

Jill started by speaking to the mothers and fathers and painting a picture of sympathy, embrace, and terror. Hunter Biden likely has caused more problems for the Biden’s in adulthood rather than as a baby, but that’s neither here nor there.

Jill spoke about parents working through virtual learning and providing for their children and thanked the nurses, the ones that are left after the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. It’s utterly disgusting to hear Jill thank nurses or any healthcare worker when her husband and other Democrat politicians have worked very hard to fire those who aren’t comfortable getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m glad you have another means to keep your family secure now. A vaccine for children aged five and up. It’s not just another approach to keep your children safe from Covid-19. It’s the most effective method.”

No, Jill, it’s not. The fact remains that children are more likely to get side effects and be hospitalized because of the vaccine rather than from the COVID-19 virus.

It’s dangerous to play on parents’ worry and concern for their children to push a vaccine that isn’t even FDA approved and didn’t have the long-term studies that should be present in a vaccine given to children.