Jen Psaki Lies About The “Unprecedented Amount Of Tests” That Were Needed

If you haven’t figured it out by now, President Joe Biden’s Administration is a disaster. If Biden thought he could get elected to office and things would be easy, he was very wrong. The COVID-19 measures haven’t worked, the COVID-19 vaccine hasn’t worked, and Biden’s foreign policies haven’t worked.

When there’s an opportunity to the point of these failures and try to get some answers, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks the hard questions that other reporters are afraid to answer.

COVID-19 tests have been a hot topic, and Doocy asked, “How come you were so unprepared for the necessity for testing after the holidays?”

The Biden Administration should indeed have seen Omicron coming and at least got the ball rolling on more tests because the variant was discovered at least a month before it entered the United States. Not only that, but back in September, the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly test mandate was being put in place. The federal government should have anticipated the uptick in testing for COVID-19 because they made the decision. There’s a firm belief that if the government mandates something, they need to pay for it. Just as the government should have been prepared to pay businesses the equivalent of the revenue lost because of the lockdowns in 2020, they weren’t ready for that, either.

“I would second add that there has been a significant rise in cases as you know and were a part of in D.C. and New York. Welcome, Doocy, back from quarantine. And there has been an enormous, as well as an unparalleled, demand for testing in other regions of the nation.” said Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

It’s not unprecedented. Biden told people to look up where to get tested and get the test. Biden’s exact words were, “Google ‘COVID test near me’ go there. Google excuse me ‘COVID test near me’ on Google to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and for free.”

What is anyone supposed to think about this chaos that’s been created by the Biden Administration?

Then, there’s the question of racism involved in this whole debacle.

Biden has previously said, “Not everyone in the Hispanic and African American communities, particularly in remote rural regions and inner-city districts, knows how to utilize the internet to figure out how to get in line for the COVID vaccination.”

Why does Biden use so many racist undertones? Telling Americans to google where to get vaccinated was racist a year ago, but now it’s okay?

Psaki said there had been 20,000 testing sites across the country to allow people to get tested, but that doesn’t matter if there aren’t tests to take.

There’s no way to flip this as a win for the Biden Administration. Not only did they have months to prepare, but they were paying people to sit at these sites where tests might not even be available. It’s a waste of taxpayer money.