Jan. 6 Panel Blatantly Ignored Key Findings In Final Report

To no one’s surprise, the Nancy Pelosi hand-selected Jan. 6 House committee turned a blind eye to key evidence that contradicted their predetermined narrative.

Far from digging for the truth of what happened that day in Washington, the representatives merely regurgitated Democratic talking points and trotted out only witnesses who would back up their claims.

For example, the committee concluded that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies had a large volume of intelligence beforehand that showed the day could get out of control. Had they acted on this information, the mob could have been prevented from breaching the Capitol.

Despite these findings, they were nowhere to be seen in the staged and televised hearings and absent from the committee’s final report.

Former federal prosecutor Tim Heaphy, while laying some blame at the feet of former President Donald Trump, admitted that “law enforcement failures” heavily contributed to the day’s events “that led to the violence.”

The committee’s chief investigative counsel described security forces as having a “very direct role” in the incident.

And it was not due to intelligence failure, Heaphy said. There was plenty of information readily available to conclude that the demonstration could get out of control.

Rather, he described it as a failure to act on intelligence gathered that pointed towards a dramatic escalation. He said “the intel in advance was pretty specific, and it was enough, in our view, for law enforcement to have done a better job.”

This was a conclusion that many experts and lawmakers have drawn — that the incident at the Capitol was very preventable. It was also the conclusion of voices within the Jan. 6 committee that there was ample intelligence pointed towards the need for increased security.

Indeed, the committee’s “Blue Team” of investigators spent over a year reviewing the performance of the FBI, Capitol Police, and numerous other law enforcement entities regarding the Jan. 6 incident.

Did their findings receive the light of day during the televised hearings? No. Were they included in the committee’s final report? No.

The fact remains that the committee set out to reach only one conclusion, and that was that every shred of blame should be laid at the feet of the former president. Anything that questioned this determination must be ignored, and evidence to the contrary suppressed.