Jan. 6 Committee Prepares To Prove Its Hypocrisy

The Jan. 6 House committee is ready to produce the final proof that it is nothing more than a show trial paraded before a willing media that all along aimed toward a predetermined conclusion.

A year of so-called investigation and hand-selected witnesses led to this very moment. The panel, to the surprise of no one, is gearing up to send criminal referrals to the Department of Justice targeting former President and current candidate Donald Trump.

Leaks from the committee revealed that Trump will be charged with insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

But no objective observer was fooled by this charade.

The committee from top to bottom was chosen by outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with a singular conclusion in mind. The concept of a show trial, which is generally connected with communist dictatorships and third-world despots, was the blueprint from day one.

There would be no dissent, no meaningful debate over points of evidence or innocence and guilt. Even as the hearings began, the gallows were constructed on the courthouse lawn.

No witnesses to attest to the innocence of the former president would be called. There would not be even a semblance of cross-examination to determine the truthfulness of those who took the stand.

As for the media, the fourth estate followed the proceedings like hungry dogs trailing a leaky meat wagon, eager for any scraps and morsels to trumpet as proof of guilt. If there ever was proof of the complete abandonment of journalistic integrity, it is now on display.

The committee’s seven Democrats and two “Republicans” are expected to present sections of their findings to the full panel. It is an organized and completely staged display, with each accenting different “proofs” of guilt, such as supposed ties between Trump staffers and “extremists.”

What is known to all is that there is no “smoking gun” tying the former president to the accusations of the committee. For a panel that relied entirely on insinuation and theater, there is precious little to nothing that implicates Trump in the wrongdoing they set out to prove.

The former president and his allies rightly ignored the show trial at every step. As Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) declared, the House committee presented all the “same kind of bias present at the Salem witch trials.”

Which means the conclusion was determined before the panel was even seated. Guilty until proven innocent prevailed for the 18 months of so-called investigations, and their announcement could have been written word-for-word months ago. It deserves no attention and even less respect.