Jack Posobiec: ‘Multiple Sources Confirm Jill Biden Has Asked About Using 25th Amendment To Get Rid Of Kamala Harris’

Two administrations are running this country. Some saw this coming, while others may have ignored it. Most of it is rooted in jealousy, a fight for the top, and too many of the 25th Amendment mentions.  

President Joe Biden’s administration isn’t only the worst in American history because of their decisions but the division inside the administration. If they can’t keep their staff unified, how do you expect them to unify the country? It can’t be done.  

Jack Posobiec, a former Navy Intelligence Officer and current Senior Editor at Human Events was a guest on War Room and spoke a bit of the lack of unification in the current White House.  

The clip noted that The Hill ran an article stating that 35% of voters wanted the 2020 election overturned. Not because of election integrity or they felt that the election was stolen but overturned. Posobiec said, “As anyone who’s been involved in polling or been involved in this knows that, you know, you’re saying ‘should it be overturned,’ that’s much more of a drastic question than asking if someone thinks there were irregularities in the voting, do you think there was a fraud, do you think there was cheating, etc.” 

That’s a genuine problem for the Biden administration. It seems that Americans are trying to move past the irregularities or claims of fraud, and they’re getting right to it and wanting it to be overturned, and 35% is a large percentage of those polled. The poll includes 16% of Democrats who want the election overturned, by the way.  

Posobiec also said that Vice President Kamala Harris and her administration refer to Biden as “the Titanic” behind his back. That’s a serious claim to make inside the White House, as I said, no sense of unity whatsoever.  

He went further and said, “I also got word that Jill Biden, over the weekend, is asking around if there’s any way to remove a sitting Vice President from the United States. That’s how bad it is in the White House.” 

The hosts of War Room stopped him and were shocked by the revelation. There’s a lot of concern that if Jill is asking around and it’s gotten out, then there’s going to be even more of a problem inside of the White House, and there’s more of a possibility that the 25th amendment will be invoked faster than we could even imagine. Harris holds more of the power than we realize here, and if she starts requesting that the 25th amendment get invoked, she’s going to have a lot more Democrat support in the House and Senate than Biden may realize.

Posobiec also noted that Harris hasn’t been doing events with Biden and even said that sources are saying that if anyone wants something done, they contact Harris rather than Biden. It’s becoming more evident that there are two administrations in charge here: the Biden administration and the Harris administration. That’s not good.  

Unity is lost and has been for some time. There has to be a fix in the White House before any executive, legislative, or judicial action is taken whatsoever. Americans need to know that there is unity at the top levels of government, and we don’t see that. We’re seeing an administration that’s divided, which will ultimately cause division within the citizens of this country on a level that’s never been seen before.