Israel Begins Partial Ground Incursion In Gaza

Elements of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) entered into parts of northern Gaza in what Jerusalem is calling limited raids. The news comes almost a week after the wave of terrorist attacks by Hamas that killed more than 1,100 people.

Elements of Israel’s army entered into part of northern Gaza, in what may be the beginning of a larger ground offensive. Israel has about 600,000 soldiers in active service currently.

The infantry and tank raids also come after nearly a week of air operations against Gaza. This includes the targeting of important Hamas officials.

The Israeli Air Force also struck Damascus International Airport, striking the Syrian location on the belief that it would be used to ferry Iranian weapons and ammunition to terrorist organizations.

The Israeli military advised those from northern Gaza to evacuate further south.

“The IDF calls for the evacuation of all civilians from Gaza City from their homes southwards for their own safety and protection and to move to the area south of the Wadi Gaza, the river Gaza, as shown on the map,” an Israeli military spokesperson said.

Israel also warned civilians not to approach the security fence between the two regions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that the operations in Gaza were “only the beginning.”

“We are striking our enemies with unprecedented might,” he said. “I emphasize that this is only the beginning.”

The action near Israel’s southern border was not the only significant event of Friday. Israeli and Lebanese forces exchanged fire near their shared border.

The gunfire follows attacks by the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah (Party of God) against IDF forces in northern Israel. Hezbollah claims that its attacks caused Israeli casualties.

Intelligence appears to indicate that the Islamic Republic of Iran aided both Hamas and Hezbollah in the planning of the recent violence. So far, American officials have been hesitant to discuss the exact extent of this support. Tehran openly praised the recent Hamas attacks on civilians.