Is There A Way For The States To Stop Biden’s Border Madness?

The whole of America is on the verge of tripping at the hands of Biden and his allies. Ever since Biden joined the office, the state has had to face one after the other destructive policies that have proved to be nothing but a disaster. Biden won the elections with the support of the Big Tech and other media platforms that have, to date, strived to hide any attempt at criticism targeted towards Biden and his administration. Still, it won’t be long till they are unable to sustain the continuous failures of the state, and it all comes pouring down in the open.

The border worsens day by day as Biden and Kamala’s new immigration policies favor non-citizens and illegals. With extremely overcrowded detaining facilities and corpses found at the US-Mexico border at the Rio Grande, Biden and Kamala have chosen to look the other way. There has been an extreme rise in criminal activity along the border, including trafficking and drug cartels getting dominant control on the US and Mexican sides. These cartels are profiting from the trafficking occurring along the borders endangering innocent lives, and Border Security is falling short in numbers to handle the situation. Record-breaking amounts of Fentanyl are reportedly smuggled into the country in the first six months of 2021 alone. Moreover, the rising Covid cases across the country, also thanks to the open border situation allowed by Biden, the state is facing a public health crisis burdened by the non-citizens.

The Texas Governor has called out Biden many times to look into his immigration policies and do something about the illegal migrant’s situation. He has even initiated the catch and jail operation against the illegal migrants entering the American territory. But despite all his efforts, all Biden did was to release them into the country. The point is, even a single step taken by one person can be an inspiration for others. Hopefully, the representatives of all other states of America will soon speak up against human rights violations going on at the border against individuals and children taken advantage of by the cartel enterprise.