Iranian Involvement Reported In Attack On Syria By US Forces

U.S. forces recently launched an attack Syrian territory close to Deir al-Zour, reportedly killed members of militias claimed to be backed by Iran who had allegedly struck U.S. facilities in the region.

In response to militant attacks on American Army facilities in Syria, the U.S. retaliated with air strikes near Deir al-Zour, a zone in northeastern Syria. As reported on MSN, the U.S. Central Command stated two or three Iran-backed militia fighters are dead as a result. Multiple U.S. soldiers had injuries in the original August 24 attack onto the U.S. military base.

One U.S. service member stationed at Mission Support Site Conoco was treated for injuries and returned to duty. U.S. Troops first arrived in Syria under the Obama administration. Currently, there are about 900 troops stationed in Syria.

U.S. President Joe Biden “gave the direction for these strikes pursuant to his Article II authority to protect and defend U.S. personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iran-backed groups,” as CNN noted in its coverage.

The attacks on the U.S. troops began early evening Syrian time when rockets landed inside a support site located at Conoco in northeast Syria. More rockets then landed in the support site at nearby Green Village. U.S. attack Apache helicopters then were deployed destroying three vehicles and equipment used to launch some of the rockets. Initial assessments and reports from U.S. Central Command indicated two or three Iran-back militants were killed.

Nasser Kanaani, a spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, called the U.S. attacks “a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.”

In a August 25 tweet, The U.S. CENTCOM explained the United States does not want a conflict with Iran, but fully intends to continue any measures necessary to protect and defend our people.

The attacks by U.S. forces in Syria are reported to be a deterrent aimed at disincentivizing future attacks. But the best way to avoid such attacks is likely to implement the policy former President Donald Trump prescribed when he tried to pull all U.S. troops out of the country.