Iran Goes On the Assault Against US Warships

The middle east is getting more dangerous by the day after the United States military withdrew from Afghanistan. There was bipartisan support for the withdrawal, but President Joe Biden and the State Department handled it very poorly, which has led to more conflict in the area than there could have been had the US-made sound decisions in the withdrawal process.  

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) deployed boats equipped with weapons in the Sea of Oman. They swarmed a US Navy ship, the US Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDg-68). The incident is a great cause for concern, not only for the safety of the military at large but for future endeavors in the middle east, and with tensions already high in Taiwan, Iran is a threat that needs to be watched with a close eye.

Footage shows multiple Iranian boats surrounding and intimidating The Sullivans by circling it. The footage was taken by a helicopter that deployed with the boats. Iranian media says that the IRGC stopped the US military from “piracy” of an Iranian oil tanker, but US officials have refuted that.  

An anonymous US official told Newsweek, “We’re refuting the Iranian claims that they prevented us from taking back the vessel,” after asking to remain anonymous. “Here’s the bottom line: This occurred last week. US naval forces in the Gulf of Oman observed Iranian naval forces seize this oil tanker.”

The official continued, “There were over 10 Iranian fast boats that swarmed this thing.” The video shows exactly that. A brogue of Iranian military boats that were circling the US destroyer. “There was a helicopter flying around, and, bottom line, our forces responded to monitor the situation.”  

The US has previously seized oil tankers due to sanctions on Iran’s oil exportation, and in 2015 sanctions were reinstated. During former President Donald Trump’s presidency, the US-backed out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and agreed to lower sanctions if Iran would slow its nuclear programs in 2018. Iran was found to have uranium stockpiles and have previously flown other countries’ flags on oil tankers to circumvent the sanctions. It is even more reason for the US to go back to oil indecency.  

It seems that the US official is saying that the US military was observing the Iranian military seizing the oil tanker. It wouldn’t be surprising. Otherworld leaders feel much more encouraged by Biden’s spineless behavior since he’s taken office. 

It is just part of the behavior we can expect from the Taliban if they get to the expected point of power. They don’t want democracy, and instead, want control. That’s evident in the way they’ve governed thus far since the US military withdrew from Afghanistan.