Iran-Backed Militias Causes American Injuries In Attack

Fighters linked to Iran launched at least 15 rockets and missiles at an American base in Iraq, causing multiple injuries. The Saturday attack appeared to be a significant escalation as the United States is currently bombing Houthi rebels backed by Iran after the Houthis launched a number of attacks on civilian and military vessels.

At least 15 rockets and missiles were fired at the Al-Assad Airbase utilized by the United States Saturday.

According to U.S. Central Command, most of the missiles were intercepted by Patriot missile batteries “while others impacted on the base.” The Pentagon said that damage assessments ‘are ongoing.”

The report also stated that a “number of U.S. personnel are undergoing evaluation for traumatic brain injuries” and that at least one member of the Iraqi armed forces was injured.

Later reports indicated that 13 of the 15 rockets were intercepted by the air defense, with two making contact with the base. It is not clear how many injuries there were as a result of the attack.

The weekend attacks followed a series of Iranian rocket attacks on sites in Syria, Iraq and Pakistan last week.

Iran claimed that it launched ballistic missiles against ISIS fighters operating in Syria.

The Islamic Republic also claimed that it was targeting intelligence assets of Israel during a strike on northern Iraq, near the American consulate. The attack instead killed a civilian family.

Iran also targeted separatist rebels operating out of Pakistan. Pakistan claimed that the attack killed several civilians. In retaliation, Pakistan launched a similar airstrike on the territory of Iran, claiming to target other separatist rebels.

The actions in Iraq, Pakistan and Syria are occurring as Houthi rebels in Yemen continue firing on American and international vessels. The rebels are backed by Iranian forces and are currently engaged in a civil war against the internationally-recognized government.

Despite the American and British airstrikes against the Houthis, their attacks have continued. The United States reportedly struck a meeting between top Houthi leaders and Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers this weekend.