Investor Hosting DeSantis Fundraiser In San Francisco Fires Back After Interviewer Calls The Florida Governor ‘Divisive’

The most Florida thing to do is host a fundraiser for Governor Ron DeSantis in San Diego, California. Not only is it happening, but it should bring in some good funding for DeSantis to use for his campaign. It’s not expected that he’ll lose. The “Remove Ron” campaign has put out political ads that make DeSantis seem like a savior of Covid-19 mandates.  

San Francisco is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s territory, and having the fundraiser out there is hilarious. There’s never a better time for it since Pelosi is supposedly retiring after her current term. The outcome will tell how the Democrats move forward with their political push and what they need to change about their narrative. 

A tech investor, the fundraiser’s host, David Sacks, pushed back against Emily Chang with Bloomberg after asking why Sacks was picking “such a divisive candidate.” What people must understand is that everyone desires freedom. Though freedom means something different to each individual, DeSantis is allowing Floridians the choice of personal protection. He’s not banning masks or banning the Covid-19 vaccine, and he’s banning governmental mandates. 

Sacks disliked the terms “polarizing and divisiveness” because they “assume a normative baseline in which everybody agrees, everyone in the IT industry agrees because they all come from a certain knowledge bubble, and anyone who deviates from that orthodoxy is viewed as divisive.”

People see DeSantis, and now Sacks, as divisive or polarizing is ridiculous and sad for the freedom that America once offered. The only thing DeSantis has done is go against President Joe Biden’s mandates and tell the federal government that Florida will make its own choices moving forward. Biden’s mandates infringe on the freedom of choice, particularly medical choice. The party of “my body my choice” is now “your body, my choice.” It diminishes everything they’ve fought to try to uphold.  

Big Pharma used to be the bad guys. There used to be massive protests, but now so many that were against it are for it. You place one danger into people’s lives, and they crumble like a house built of straw.  

Sacks also said, “you’re not divisive just because you don’t agree with the orthodoxy of Silicon Valley.” Silicon Valley is usually more divisive than Republicans are. Republican companies bring in Democrats constantly. Democrat companies try to shy away from Republicans, particularly in the giant Facebook and Google communities. They don’t want a difference of opinions. They like to keep to themselves. That’s more divisive than holding a fundraiser for any one candidate.  

When asked why Sacks was choosing DeSantis, Sacks responded, “In terms of why I like DeSantis, he was the first governor to stop these insane lockdowns.” Other states followed suit, but DeSantis has stood firm, and so have the citizens of Florida.